Computerised Payroll Systems

If you employ staff in your business, then you must run a payroll system, to ensure that the correct amount of tax and National Insurance is deducted. With the introduction by HMRC of Real Time Information (RTI) in April 2013, again the payroll system needs to be computerised, to report the required information to HMRC every time the payroll is run. We have found the Payroll Manager software provided by Moneysoft to be a cost-effective solution for most small businesses. We can set up the Payroll Manager software on your own computer and either train your own staff to run the payroll themselves, or run the payroll for you, when we visit your premises to do any bookkeeping work. As we also hold a bureaux licence, we are also able to run your payroll from our offices in Weston and email you payslips and submit the RTI returns to HMRC. However, the key to running your payroll remotely is that the information on your employees’ wages/salaries must be sent to agreed timescales, as late information means that employees don’t get paid if the payroll cannot be run to the agreed timescales.

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